Vegan Fried Chicken - Tubby Style With Oyster Mushrooms

August 27, 2018


The taste of fried chicken is something I dream about - now you can have it with out the chicken and it's even better! Use my recipe for vegan butter milk and you'll never crave a takeaway again. 





500g Oyster Mushrooms

200ml Dairy Free Yoghurt

440ml Cashew Milk

1 tspn Fresh Lemon Juice


500g Plain Flour

100g Tubby Tom’s Mother Cluckin Seasoning

20g Vegan Chicken Stock





First of all you need to make a phat ‘buttermilk’ style mixture by combining the yoghurt with the cashew milk and whisking the lemon juice until it’s combined. 


Carefully place the oyster mushrooms in the mixture and leave for around 30mins. This helps tenderise the mushrooms so that they’re ready for quick frying.


Get the dry mix ready by combining the flour and seasonings. Take the marinated mushrooms out of the wet mix and place them into the dry mix, coat it all over and make sure every section is covered. 


Heat rapeseed oil in a large pan (high sided for safety!) and get it to a nice high temp. Re-dust each mushroom price in the dry mix before frying. They should fry for around 60 seconds until the coating becomes crispy and slightly darkened. Try not to overcrowd the pan as it’ll make the temperature drop - we did batches of 4/5 pieces at a time. 


Once they’re cooked, lob them onto some paper towel to soak up some of the excess oil. 


Serve with some corn on the cob and salad, add some pickles and grab all your favourite Tubby sauces to dip them in. 


You will become everyone’s best friend and your house will stink of cooking. 100% worth it.



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