Smokey BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, Vegan Recipe - by James Horwood

December 28, 2017


Done my way using Tubby Tom's Smokey Schweet bbq sauce.😲❤

1) Grab a tin of young jackfruit and slice it up smaller(get the 1 in water NOT syrup)
1) Fry off some onion and garlic in a touch of oil until tender
2) ADD JACKFRUIT (& 200ml of veg stock)
3) Cook for 10 mins (until stock be gone)
5) Bang it on a greased up baking tray and put in the oven for 10mins at 200c
6) Pull it out and pour on your BBQ sauce to cover ALL the fruit
7) Bake for another 15 mins to get it all sticky!
8) CONSUME!!!! (In a bun or neat. You choose)
9) Tell everyone you a vegan. 👏


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