Super Crispy Homemade Pitta Chips - Dusted in Tubby Tom's Seasonings - by Tubby Tom's

January 6, 2016

Pitta chips are a like crack to snack fiends. Crispy, crunchy, tasty and vegan - perfect as nibbles for parties or just to chow down on. This is both the easiest and the most important recipe you'll ever see. 



1 pack (5) of white pitta breads

1 long glug of olive oil

1 Tubby Dust / 1 Mother Cluckin Chicken / 1 Cowabunga Cowboy/ 1 Bone Sucker / Death Dust Super Hot Seasoning




Snatch the pack of pittas out of your reusable bag, throw the bag on the floor and kick it to the corner. Throw the pitta pack on the side and punch it to break it open. Line up all five pittas on top of each other and slice horizontally and vertically to make pitta squares. Grab a baking tray and lob the whole lot on it, then dash a good glug of olive oil on them. Make your hands into claw shapes and ruffle the pitta squares around in the oil - make sure you don't use too much oil because you don't want them to become soggy. 


Smash it in the oven on 180 deg. for 20-25 minutes until golden brown and crispy. Pull them out and chuck 'em in a bowl, grab your Tubby Dust and give it a good sprinkle all over the chips - toss them about a bit and do the same again to make sure you get enough dusty goodness.


You can make so many different flavours using our seasonings, if you want to add a few Death Dust coated ones to the mix you can kill off your friends.


If you want to store them make sure you keep them in a sealable container and bust them out when you're ready. If not, nosh them straight away with a pint.






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