Super Hot Macaroni Cheese with Jumbo King Prawns & Crispy Topping - by Big Dave Rotheroe

September 25, 2016



E'rryone in the chilli business knows Dave Rotheroe, he's the genius behind the immensely popular 'Lick My Dip' hot sauce subscription boxes. This recipe comes all the way his penthouse in España, using some great spanish ingredients, and of course the world's best hot sauces!



'Excuse the lack of measurements, I’m just such a god damn maverick. And excuse the out of focus photos I was by no means sober whilst making this' - Dave Rotheroe 


Macaroni - Bag of
Butter - 2 Tablespoons
Flour - Equal Amount
Milk - Some
Cheese - Lots
Red Pepper - Finely Chopped
Breadcrumbs - Some
Fresh (Raw) Prawns - Large Handful
Morcilla - Chunk

Death Dust - or Tubby Dust if you like it Mild.



Game plan:

1. Cook your macaroni and set it aside drizzled in a little oil so it doesn’t stick together.
2. Cook the prawns until just going pink. Remove, shell, chop in half and return the shells and prawn faces to the water. Boil this down until you get a dark prawn stock (we will call this prawn face juice).
3. Melt the butter in a heavy bottom pan, add the flower and mix into a paste. Slowly add the milk, whenever it starts to thicken add more milk.
4. At some stage in the process, add the prawn face juice and a heap of cheese to the mix.
5. Quickly fry the chopped peppers and morcilla. Add everything to the pasta and stir.
6. Shed a tear.
7. Add the pasta mix to an oven dish and top with cheese, bread crumbs and sprinkle with chilli powder/tubby dust.
8. Chuck under the grill until crispy.
9. Slather with ‘The Squeeler’. 
10. Win.

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