Smokey Oven-Cooked Beef Short Ribs with Cowabunga Seasoning & BBQ Glaze - by Shane Mcbagely

September 9, 2016


"Smoked Beef ribs are pretty much my death row meal. Though it can be a faff firing up the smoker and baby sitting it for half a day. I've made this recipe using Cowabunga Seasoning and Smokey Schweet BBQ which when used correctly gives you a pretty smokey taste and a nice crunchy bark. It really does taste like you've been drinking & barbecuing all day" - Shane. 



1 x 4-bone Jacob's Ladder from your butchers (also known as beef flat ribs)

1 hefty handful of Tubby Tom's Cowabunga Seasoning

1 generous glug of Smokey Schweet BBQ Sauce

1 roll tin foil





- Preheat your oven to 140c


- With a sharpened knife, score the top fat of your ribs


- Sensually massage your Cowabunga seasoning into the beef.


- Line a tray with foil, place the ribs bone-side down and place in oven until very well browned/ borderline burned, (for roughly 1 hour)


- Once you have good dark crust on you ribs remove from oven, drop the temperature to 110c. 


- Using your fingers, cover the ribs in Smokey Schweet BBQ sauce, wrap in foil and return to them to oven for another 4 hours


- Take a nap


- Wake up


- Make a salad


- Throw salad in the bin


- Remove ribs from oven and allow to rest for 30 mins, 


- Dribble some Scorpion Slammer all over it if you fancy living life on the edge.


- eat.





You can find Shane hustling out of his van at lots of markets, events and food festivals with Pit Smoked BBQ and Bison Kitchen. He's known for his super size portions of genuine american grub, as well as supersize side burns. 


(Suprise Edit 2018 - Shane is now eating a predominantly vegan diet and is working on a recipe for epic bbq seitan ribs, watch this space!)















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