Mozzarella Sourdough with Local Honey & Pineapple Hot Sauce - by Roseann Thompson (aka Honeybourne Line)


Honey and hot sauce is a wicked flavour combo, especially when drizzled over cheese. If you hadn't already guessed, I love cheese and there are so many ways of eating it with a spicy kick.


This recipe comes from Cheltenham based food blog extraordinaire Honeybourne Line, Roseann knows what's good when it comes to food. We met her at the Cheltenham Food Festival, where she got hold of a bunch of Tubby Tom's goodies. Make sure you hit up the Honeyborne site, follow and share!




2 slices of your favourite bread (Tubby Tom's recommends the Hobbs House Sherston loaf)

1 phat mozzarella ball

1 drizzle of the best local honey

1 dash of Tubby Tom's Nuff Love - Pineapple hot sauce



Slice up your bread and chuck it under the grill for roughly 20 seconds each side - just enough to get a little bit of colour. The easiest way to divide up a mozzarella ball is to use your fingers and pull it into bits, this stretches the cheese out and you can plonk it all over the toast. Place the toast back under the grill, and watch the cheese melt and turn golden brown.


Once ready, whip it out from under the grill, to serve; drizzle over some honey and your favourite Tubby Tom's hot sauce (Honeybourne recommend Nuff Love).








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