Tubby Tom's - Homemade Fried Chicken

August 21, 2016


Ever made fried chicken and nearly cried because it was so delicious? Follow me, i'll show you how. 

Fried chicken is the world's favourite finger food; super crunchy, super tasty and great for parties. Picture this: it's ya birthday, you got ya mates coming round for some bevvies and you wanna give them some top notch munch - make this fried chicken, you don't need no dining table, you don't need no cutlery, all you gots to do is put those fingers to good use!



1 pack of organic, free-range chicken breast (you can use drumsticks, but cook for longer)

1 bottle of Tubby Tom's BBQ sauce

1 shaker of Tubby Dust seasoning

2 fresh free-range eggs

200g plain flour

half a pan of vegetable oil

Salt and pepper to taste




Rip the chicken breasts out of the bag and onto a chopping board, using a sharp knife, slash the chicken into strips (roughly 4 strips per breast). Chuck the strips in a tub, chuck in a phat dash of Tubby Dust seasoning and rub it all into the meat. Then add a healthy glug of Tubby Tom's BBQ sauce, massage it into the meat. Cover with cling and leave in the fridge for 4 hours to give the flavours time to get to know each other.


Get two bowls, crack the eggs into one and whisk up. Chuck the flour and another dash of Tubby dust into the other and set up your station. Grab your large frying pan, or medium sized saucepan, and add your vegetable oil. You only really need enough oil to half submerge your chicken strips, turn the heat on medium-high and wait until it's fully hot before frying. To test the oil, get a little dab of your egg mixture and drop it into the pan, if it sizzles and puffs up you're ready to go.


Grab the chicken out of the fridge and submerge into the eggy mix, then dredge it through the flour and pat off the excess. Lay each strip into the pan slowly, so that you don't get a face full of burning oil, give it a good two minutes before turning over. You are looking for a golden brown, crispy coating and great puffiness, if it's getting too dark, turn it down. To test the chicken's cooked, you can either use a food thermometer (85deg+) or you can slice a strip open on the fattest part and check for pink (although i'd always recommend the thermometer method).


Once the chicken is ready, start piling it onto a kitchen towel lined platter. To serve it, slice up some limes and throw them in the stack, then get your favourite Tubby Tom's hot sauce and get dipping,


Please send in your photos, I'd love to see how you get on!












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