Tubby Tom's - Smokey Burger with Maple Bacon

January 5, 2016

Everyone loves a tasty burger - especially if it's homemade. Slap a bit of maple bacon and a local cheddar in the stack and your mates will go into a foodie frenzy.





600g lean beef mince

1 free range egg

1 slice of bread 

1 glug of BBQ sauce

1 pinch of salt & pepper

1 tsp of Tubby Dust

6 brioche buns

1 pack of smoked bacon

1 red onion

1/2 white onion

1 oakleaf lettuce

6 slices of strong cheddar

1 glug of olive oil







Set the frying pan on the stove, put it on a low heat and throw a glug of olive oil into the pan. Grab a large mixing bowl and using your strong hand mix up the mince, egg, bbq sauce, tubby dust, diced half onion and salt n pepper. Blend up the slice of bread until crumbly, then add half to the burger mix (only add the rest if the mixture is too wet). You're looking to make around 6 sturdy patties, pat them down good and proper and squeeze them into shape. 


Pop them in the frying pan and turn the heat up to medium, they take around 10 -12 minutes to cook. I think it's a good idea to cook a minced beef burger all the way through - don't over-do it, just don't serve it raw. Once you have a nice browning on all sides of the burger, place a slice of your favourite cheese on top of each burger and use a sauce pan lid to cover the pan to melt the cheese. 


Now for the maple bacon, it's as straight forward as it sounds - fry the bacon in a glug of maple syrup. Toss it about a bit and make sure it doesn't burn. 


Slice the brioche buns, then put them belly up under a medium grill. Slice the red onion and pull a few leaves off the oakleaf and place on the grilled bun.


The burgers will be done by now, so assemble your stack. Remember to splash a load of The Squealer all over the stack to give it a sharp spicy kick, then lob it in your gob. 


Serve with homemade sweet potato fries (recipe coming soon) and a fresh mixed salad. 



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