Tubby Tom's Triple Threat Gift Set - Mix & Match!

Option One
Option Two
Option Three
  • If you don't know, now ya know.

    We all been there - birthday round the corner, can't catch the right gift.

    Here's the solution - a three pronged attack on the taste buds; the world's tastiest sauces in a super sexy gift box. 

    Choose three from the following;

    Smokey Schweet BBQ - OG BBQ sauce sweetened with honey and rich molasses - no heat.

    Hot & Smokey BBQ - Next level BBQ, with a handful of scotch bonnets thrown in - medium heat.

    The Squealer - The original scotch bonnet sauce, sweet enough to use on everything, hot enough to give you a tickle - Medium heat.

    'Nuff Love - The Gloucesterfarian special - this is a fruity blend of pineapple and yellow scotch bonnets - Medium/hot.

    Ghost Town - Ghost chilli madness with a garlic twist - Super hot.

    Scorpion Slammer - Smokey hot sauce with the phattest sting.


    Also suitable for Mother's day, Father's day, Dog's day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween....