Can’t decide which smoked oil to go for? Sick! Here’s your chance to get all three with a tiny bit of dosh knocked off! 

They’re all amazing for all dishes, but sometimes you just need an extra kick of chilli or garlic, sometimes you want the clean smoked flavour without any extras. There’s a time and place for everything in this crazy world we call home, make the right choice and be prepared for every eventuality. Is that even a word? Eventuality? Dunno, it’s late. 

Warning: this is a brand new product for us, this is the first batch. Although we hand wash each bottle after filling, with hot soapy water, there still might be a little oily leakage. Nothing to cry about, just a lil greasy, ya know. Annoying but we’re working on it. Love you! 

Triple Smoked Rapeseed Oil - 1 of Each