Ever wanted to be the Master of Seasonings? WELL NOW YOU CAN!


This is our whole collection of seasoning shakers, every flavour, something for every occassion!




Tubby Dust - O.G All Purpose Seasoning


Mother Cluckin' - Chicken Rub

Rub up ya bird before grillin, smoking or roasting.


Bone Sucker - Rib Rub 

Give ya ribs a good old rub, wrap em and smoke em.


Cowabunga - Cowboy Beef Rub

For short ribs and brisket, nice mix of mustard and black pepper.


King Cajun - Southern Seasoning

The ultimate tex mex seasoning, for fajitas, tacos.


Bacon Du$t - Bacon Seasoning

Tastes just like bacon, sprinkle on ya chicken n chipz.


Bacon Du$t 2.0 - The Maple Edition

Tastes like bacon drizzled in maple syrup. Put on popcorn or wings.


La Cucaracha - Mexican Lime x Sweet Chilli Seasoning

Super zesty, chuck in tacos, fajitas or dust up ya chicken.


Ghost Malone - Ghost Chilli Seasoning

Nice and spicy, perfect for adding heat to ya meals.


Bam Bam - Jamaican Jerk Style Seasoning

Perfect for a goat curry or dust up some chicken legs n grill em!


Smokey BBQ - O.G BBQ Seasoning

A sweet x smokey glaze for all your meats and faux meats.


Heatwave - Tongue Tingling Seasoning

Tastes like flamin hot monster munch - use on wings, popcorn chicken and dust all over nachos or wedges.


Steak Haus - Flamegrilled Steak Flavouring

Tastes kinda beefy, really tasty on wedges or any beef dishes.


Yard Bird - Extra Tasty Chicken Salt

Use like a salt - sprinkle on ya chips fresh outta the fryer or flavour boost your spatchcock bird.


For allergens please check the product pages, all ingredients are listed on each product.