I gave birth to Tubby Tom’s in January 2015 after a pretty straight forward labour. I’d finished uni, got married and at the age of 23 had been attempting a career as a chef. I had a head full of ideas and discovered that cheffing wasn't for me, so after 9 months I bit the bullet and registered Tubby Tom's as food business.

It all started with a single batch of BBQ sauce I’d made for the summer in 2014. My friends loved it and after a few drinks we joked about how I should sell it and brand it as ‘Tubby Tom’s’. This seemed like a great idea, so I made some more, drew up some sketchy labels and took it to our local farm shop.

The sauce sold well, so well that the local council heard about it and got in touch to highlight that our sauce labels needed to adhere to criteria to be sold to the public. That was the moment I decided to give it a go and take it a bit more seriously; this was the first step into becoming an actual business.

I am lucky to have great friends – a bunch of foodies that are always there to lend a hand, giving up their weekends to get knee deep in sauce or to hold down market stalls. We always have a great time doing it though, it’s got to be fun. We crank up the music and get stuck into the big cooks together.

In our second year we got listed in Harvey Nichols - I nearly died with excitement when we got our first order from them and nearly died again when I got to see it on their shelves in the flesh. Not only was this a great achievement for us, it also gave us great exposure across the country.

In September 2017 I took a leap of faith and quit my day-job to focus on Tubby Tom's full time. It became almost impossible to keep up with the wholesale orders we were getting while working full-time. I'm so proud of everything we've achieved so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Tubby's.